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Where Culture meets Passion

Growing up in The Bahamas, rather than saying, "I am a Bahamian", we'd say "I is a Bahamian, bey". This is known as Bahamian dialect, a playful array of words, phrases and expressions that is like a rhythm 'n' rhyme, an ocean breeze, the sweetest song, like a Junkanoo beat. 

Despite the beauty of Bahamian dialect, speaking Standard English was always encouraged, but my response would always be, "I is a Bahamian bey". Fast forward 20+ years, in 2019, 'iisabahamianbey was born. 

Inspiration came from the beautiful hues of blues in the ocean, the colorful culture, the simplistic "island life", the song of the Bahamian dialect, but most importantly the heart, strength and soul of the Bahamian people. They are the true jewels of The Bahamas. They deserve a platform and must be showcased, shared and celebrated with the world. So, cheers to 'iisabahamianbey'.   


iisabahamianbey embodies our motto: Empowerin' Bahamian Culture.


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The journey for iisabahamianbey creator Kaché A. Knowles has been in the works for longer than she realized. As a child, she always struggled with "speaking properly". Who would have thought that the very thing that she thought would hold her back would be the strength that would propel her purpose and creative work. 

Growing up, she had many dreams but, her ideas were always centered around The Bahamas. After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Biological Science at Brock University in St. Catherine's, Canada and then later completing her Master's in Marketing & Sales at EAE Business School in Catalonia, Spain, she returned home full of ideas and enthusiasm to make The Bahamas "better". Only to be greeted with lots of "What you coming home for? Ain't no jobs here!"

"Your dreams shouldn't be limited to what people think you should be"


Fast forward a couple years with lots of ups and downs, the idea for iisabahamianbey came like an epiphany but, manifested very quickly. God had spoken to her and she listened.

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