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Where Culture meets Passion

For iisabahamianbey founder, Kaché Knowles, she never dreamed she would be the proud owner of the now Bahamian inspired clothing line and social media based community, however reflecting on her journey up until this point, it wouldn't come at much of a surprise.


After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Biological Science at Brock University in St. Catherine's, Canada and then later completing her Master's in Marketing & Sales at EAE Business School in Catalonia, Spain, she returned home and recognized our culture was underrepresented, our dialect was not celebrated and the world only knew The Bahamas for "sun, sand and sea". So, she took the three things she's always loved

—The Bahamas, Art and Culture— and iisabahamianbey was born in May 2019. 


Growing up in The Bahamas, rather than saying, "I am a Bahamian", we'd say "I is a Bahamian, bey". This is known as Bahamian dialect, a playful array of words, phrases and expressions that is like a rhythm 'n' rhyme, an ocean breeze, the sweetest song, like a Junkanoo beat.​ Inspiration came from the beautiful hues of blues in the ocean, the colorful culture, the simplistic "island life", the song of the Bahamian dialect, but most importantly the heart, strength and soul of the Bahamian people. They are the true jewels of The Bahamas. They deserve a platform and must be showcased, shared and celebrated with the world.


So, cheers to IISABAHAMIANBEY. Cheers to Empowerin' Bahamian Culture.

These are Bahamian fruit leaves known as seagrape.
These are Bahamian fruit leaves known as seagrape.
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