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The Bahamas is more than just sun, sand & sea.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

So, why is The Bahamas so special? Or for a lack of better words: MAGICAL.

I honestly wish this could be summed up in a couple of terms, phrases, photos or videos. Bey, I wish that even a mere visit to The Bahamas could help one’s mind fathom the magic this place offers, but I don’t think anyone can truly capture the beauty of the nature, the people, the culture and all the kapunkle up-ness in between, but WE GA TRY TA DAY.


Words have been floating through my head for a long time about how I wanted “a blog” to sound, look, feel or even be about.

What started out as an empowerment to my “BROKEN” dialect and accent, propelled me into the Instagram/Facebook account known as iisabahamianbey.

Simply put, iisabahamianbey is a community, an educational platform, a comedic relief, a reader’s digest, an empowerment to Bahamian culture & dialect, meant to invoke change, provoke the mind, stimulate a dialogue and elicit an international response. A voice for Bahamians to speak out on issues, discuss our similarities and differences, talk about our childhoods experiences, learn, teach and share our love for The Bahamas.

Now, “that protocol has been established” -in a politician’s voice- yinna ready or wa?

Here is where our community expands. These blogs will be a little more in detailed, but just as funny, with the same voice and humor, on a platform where we ga bring ya MORE!

I’m excited for what the future holds for @iisabahamianbey, so, Les Move.

With Love,


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